Great Reminder #4: Super successful people are much easier to reach and be with than we tend to think

In my recent post “Eric On The Set”, I mentioned a set of very important reminders. Great Reminder #4 was “SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE MUCH EASIER TO REACH AND BE WITH THAN WE TEND TO THINK”, and I’ve been thinking about other times where I have used this tip. One of the first times, perhaps even THE first time, I used this tip was quite a few years ago in The Bahamas when I came across the Lyford Cay phone book. This was a phone book with the private numbers of all the residents of Lyford Cay, New Providence Island. Some very interesting people lived there, like the Bacardi family, Sean Connery, Alex Hailey and Sir John Templeton to name just a few. Read More


Who am I?

I am often asked this question (mostly by my own little voice), “who are you?”.  I usually respond, “Excuse me?” to which I get, “Who are you that you feel you can help others achieve what they want?  Who are you that other people want to hear what you have to say?  Who are you to be writing for, and producing this blog?” Well, the answer is this: Read More


Procrastination (the silent, subtle and deadly goal-killer…and how to spot it)

Many people deal with procrastination in different ways, and many never do deal with it. The first, and the absolutely most important aspect of procrastination is recognition. Not recognizing it in others… I am sure we can all do that. The question is, do you see yourself doing it? Read More


Eric On The Set

On The Set

Join Eric live ON THE SET with top producer Jim Holt

What an interesting week with some great lessons and reminders for me and, perhaps, you.

If you have known or followed me for even a little while you will probably be aware that I enjoy writing both books and screenplays. I completed my first screenplay several years ago but since I was still focused on running my business, I have done very little to move it forward. Very little, that is, until a month or two ago.

On one of our regular beach walks at home, I announced to Elise that I thought it might be time to sell one of my screenplays and to develop and sell a concept I created for a reality series. I was not sure about the how so I thought I would start with a powerful intention and then move on to the who. Read More