Have a lot to say? Use Twitter. Direct message limit lifted….

As Twitter works to increase its relevance they have lifted their famous 140 character limit to 1000 characters for direct messages (DMs).

According to Twitter’s product manager, Sachine Agarwal, they have made the change as part of their overall strategy to make “the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.”

I am not sure where the fun comes in but I can certainly agree that it will be more powerful. Twitter can be an excellent customer service tool but the limit on DM’s had made it impractical. I once commented, on Twitter, about some challenges I was facing with @United and they promptly replied and directed me to engage in a DM. That meant having to tell the story in several broken messages and, of course, Read More


Kuidas omada ettevõtet, mis ei oma teid?

Paljud palgatöötajad otsustavad mingil hetkel loobuda oma praegusest tööst ja alustada oma äriga. Nii on ju vabadust, aega, raha ja kontrolli oma elu üle rohkem, eks ole? Uurime, kas see tõesti nii on.

Eric Edmeades. Foto: Kristel Treier

Eric Edmeades. Foto: Kristel Treier

Kuigi ettevõtjaks olemisel tundub palgatöö ees olevat palju eeliseid, on karm tõsiasi aga see, et asjad on tihtipeale sootuks vastupidised. „Tõeline mentor üritab teid kõigepealt ettevõtluse alustamises ümber veenda ja kui see ei õnnestu, siis annab ta mõned head ja kasulikud nõuanded,“ ütles Kanadast pärit rahvusvaheliselt edukas ettevõtja ning koolitaja Eric Edmeades ettevõ korraldatud ärivabaduse koolitusel (Business Freedom workshop). Read More


SpeakersClub Interviews Eric Edmeades

During Eric’s Scandinvian Tour in June of 2014, Thomas Rex Frederiksen of Speakers Club interviewed Eric in two conversations: Read More


Eric Edmeades on The Coaching Show

On the long drive from LA to San Francisco, Eric stopped in Tracy, CA and called in for an interview with Christopher McAuliffe on The Coaching Show. They discussed the Read More


Confessions of a Phobic Speaker

When I was in high-school I got my first opportunity to speak in front of a group: debating class. I hated it. I did well and our team did well, but it was like physical torture for me.


After school I accepted a job in sales — direct sales — and worked my way up through the ranks to a management role in recruiting. Unfortunately, this meant doing Read More


The Biggest Breakthrough. And a powerful marketing secret.

The fear of public speaking, for many, is more intense than any other fear. Just the idea of standing in front of a group of people to speak or give a presentation can bring the bravest person to a sudden case of nausea, shaking knees and the sweats.

How do I know?

I used to be terrified of public speaking. Phobic. 20 years ago I had to present an award to a close friend of mine; all told this would mean being on stage for about 3 to 4 minutes. For the weeks leading up to the event I had a hard time sleeping and I am sure I lost a few pounds because my stomach was permanently upset. I did the presentation, it went well, but I barely remember any of it because I had so much adrenaline ripping through my system.

And then one day, about 10 years ago, Read More


Press Release: Business Leader Admits Mistakes – Launches Video Series

99 Mistakes @ YouTube

OSLO, NORWAY – 10 February 2014 – Eric Edmeades, a serial entrepreneur and international business speaker announced, during an interview with Petter Erik Nyvoll of Elevate, that he is launching a video series to discuss common mistakes of business and entrepreneurship. Promoted by Elevate, Edmeades is touring Norway in March of this year.

The series, entitled, 99 Business Mistakes I Have Made So You Don’t Have To will be published Read More



Eric Edmeades, CEO of Kerner Studios (Canada) and owner of the Kerner Group of companies in the USA is touring Norway in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be speaking to entrepreneurs about business success and the role of small business in social programs and in the recovery of the global economy.

OSLO, NORWAY – 20 September 2013 – Global Entrepreneurship Week is recognized by 138 countries and takes place from 18-24 November 2013. Global Entrepreneurship Week seeks to inspire business owners and would-be entrepreneurs to realize their business potential through a series of events and activities all over the world.

In 2012 Kerner CEO Eric Edmeades toured the United Kingdom in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week speaking at events alongside President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and TV celebrity Bear Grylls. This year, Edmeades continues the tradition with a series of entrepreneur-focused events in Norway.

Edmeades will speak at a number events around Norway, including Gründermesse, a multi-day entrepreneurship conference and exhibition in Oslo where he will headline with two keynote presentations.

“Most entrepreneurs start companies believing that being a business owner will make them more Read More


Modeling Marketing Strategies — but not the usual way.

BullsEye-MarketingMost new business owners already model marketing strategies; but not very effectively. They tend to model the activities of their competitors; using similar advertisements, websites etc. While this ‘shortcut’ is probably useful to some degree, some of the very best marketing strategies I have ever employed have come from modeling OTHER INDUSTRIES.


Years ago I owned an IT company in England and I had a number of competitors. We all tended to advertise in the same places and use the same basic telemarketing strategies.

Read More


Everything I Ever Needed To Learn About Sales I learned in Thailand.

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand

I thought I was a good salesman. I really did. And by western rules, perhaps I am. In Thailand I had a great deal to learn.

The refresher course I got in Thailand reminded me of the following principles of selling:

1) Assume the Sale 

The Thai Salesman does this automatically – everyone is a customer. They address you as though you are going to buy, hand you things as if they are already yours and tell you what a good choice you have made.
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