Eric Edmeades to Lead Sixth Kilimanjaro Expedition


Eric Edmeades @ Mwenzi

Leadership is one of the most valuable and consistently important traits a person can develop. Today there are few opportunities to face the kinds of challenges that inspire real growth and leadership development. See You at the Top is a leadership program that does exactly that.

Developed by Canadian entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades, See You at the Top (SYATT) is an intimate and intensive leadership program that teaches solid leadership and team-building principles. The program is not taught in a classroom: it is experienced in a step-by-step climb of the tallest free-standing mountain on earth: Kilimanjaro. Read More


Eric to lead fifth summit of Kilimanjaro…

Eric Edmeades created and hosts one of the most challenging and effective leadership programs ever developed. Eric’s famous See You at the Top program involves climbing Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, and learning and practicing valuable insights into mental toughness and leadership.

SYATT is one of the best opportunities for self-examination and the development of true mental toughness. When I created the program I was looking for a strong and sustainable metaphor for the everyday challenges we undertake from parenting to business. The program we have developed teaches powerful and practical mental toughness. And, it provides you with the ultimate way to lock in those lessons; in a week of climbing Kilimanjaro, you will experience every emotion that you would experience in a typical year of your life. Every high. Every low. All in a week. This gives you a powerful opportunity to practice what you learn, and what you already know, about mental toughness, communication and leadership.

Join Eric and a powerful group of adventurers on one of the most majestic and life-changing experiences on earth. See You at the Top.

* This program has very limited availability and is subject to an application process.  


Great Reminder #4: Super successful people are much easier to reach and be with than we tend to think

In my recent post “Eric On The Set”, I mentioned a set of very important reminders. Great Reminder #4 was “SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE MUCH EASIER TO REACH AND BE WITH THAN WE TEND TO THINK”, and I’ve been thinking about other times where I have used this tip. One of the first times, perhaps even THE first time, I used this tip was quite a few years ago in The Bahamas when I came across the Lyford Cay phone book. This was a phone book with the private numbers of all the residents of Lyford Cay, New Providence Island. Some very interesting people lived there, like the Bacardi family, Sean Connery, Alex Hailey and Sir John Templeton to name just a few. Read More


Eric On The Set

On The Set

Join Eric live ON THE SET with top producer Jim Holt

What an interesting week with some great lessons and reminders for me and, perhaps, you.

If you have known or followed me for even a little while you will probably be aware that I enjoy writing both books and screenplays. I completed my first screenplay several years ago but since I was still focused on running my business, I have done very little to move it forward. Very little, that is, until a month or two ago.

On one of our regular beach walks at home, I announced to Elise that I thought it might be time to sell one of my screenplays and to develop and sell a concept I created for a reality series. I was not sure about the how so I thought I would start with a powerful intention and then move on to the who. Read More


Hello from Eric

Eric Edmeades
Elise and I arrived in Las Vegas a few days ago and we are having an outstanding time. We have been at a number of XL events in Los Angeles over the last week and last night we had an excellent evening with the Life Members here in Las Vegas. I am also looking forward to my first ever visit to XL in Mexico city in a few days.

It is surprisingly cold here in Vegas now and deceptively sunny. Look out the window and you will be sure that shorts and sunglasses are the order of the day. Sunglasses, yes, shorts — only if the are under your snow pants!


Persuasion Power – Joel Bauer

Eric and Elise with Joel Bauer

A few months ago I had never heard of Joel Bauer — that was soon to change. I first saw Joel’s name when I received an invitation to speak at an event in Phuket, Thailand in July 2008 and saw his name on the list of speakers.

A few days later I gave a talk in Cape Town, South Africa when someone from the audience mentioned Joel to Elise and I. Now I was curious. I checked his website, saw his Profit Point program and became curious about his material.

Elise and I were on a world tour at the time so we figured that we would not have time to attend Joel’s program but, it turned out, he happened to be doing the program in Melbourne, Australia on the one weekend we had off during our tour. Not only were we off that weekend, but we were due in New Zealand the very next week. The coincidences were mounting and were now high enough for us to make a few changes to our schedule and attend Joel’s program.

The program was called Profit Point II and it was all about platform selling and platform sales. We learned a great deal from Joel over the two very full days. If you make your living at speaking for a living, I highly recommend Joel and his programs.

If you want to know more about Joel Bauer, check him out on YouTube and then seek out one of his programs or systems.


Brian Tracy in Canada

Eric and Brian in Toronto, Canada

One of my first encounters with peak performance was a tape program by Brian Tracy. Twenty years later I have read and listened to many of Brian’s programs and learned many very useful things. Among other things, Brian’s ideas about time management and goal setting played major roles in my early successes in sales and business.

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Everything I Ever Needed To Learn About Sales I learned in Thailand.

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand

I thought I was a good salesman. I really did. And by western rules, perhaps I am. In Thailand I had a great deal to learn.

The refresher course I got in Thailand reminded me of the following principles of selling:

1) Assume the Sale 

The Thai Salesman does this automatically – everyone is a customer. They address you as though you are going to buy, hand you things as if they are already yours and tell you what a good choice you have made.
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