Have a lot to say? Use Twitter. Direct message limit lifted….

As Twitter works to increase its relevance they have lifted their famous 140 character limit to 1000 characters for direct messages (DMs).

According to Twitter’s product manager, Sachine Agarwal, they have made the change as part of their overall strategy to make “the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun.”

I am not sure where the fun comes in but I can certainly agree that it will be more powerful. Twitter can be an excellent customer service tool but the limit on DM’s had made it impractical. I once commented, on Twitter, about some challenges I was facing with @United and they promptly replied and directed me to engage in a DM. That meant having to tell the story in several broken messages and, of course, managing the replies to those messages.

Companies using Twitter for customer service now have a strong single public platform to communicate with customers and a way that allows customers to easily attach documents, pictures or other supporting materials.

Marketers, too, will see this as a great thing. But most of them will fall foul of some very basic issues like personalization. If you plan to use these longer DM’s to communicate with the public remember that generic or clearly ‘template’ communications will simply turn people off and lead them to unfollow or, even, block your account.

So, welcome to a wordier Twitter… but use it with care.


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