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Hi there!  

Eric Edmeades

Thanks for stopping by – these days there are so many options for where to spend your time and get information that I feel honored to have you here, now.

So… let me introduce myself. I am a father and husband. I am a serial entrepreneur. I am Canadian and, yes, I love hockey.

Elise (my amazing wife) and I split our time between homes in London, England and Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We also spend a great deal of time traveling around the world speaking, consulting, meeting great people and having fun. Oh, and kite boarding.

While I speak on a variety of topics my three favorites are, I believe, solid pillars upon which to build an outstanding life: financial freedom, romantic relationships and human health.

Over the last few years most of my speaking has been related to business and I have recently been added as a Guest Speaker to some of Anthony Robbins‘ Business Mastery events around the world.

As well as speaking about business, I am still actively involved in the business world through my speaking and consulting activities and through a number of business that I currently own. In America, I own the Kerner Group — which includes both Kerner 3D Technologies and Kernerworks. I have also recently licensed our WildFit, brand to our first gym in Northern California. In Canada, I co-founded both GPIXA, a Vancouver-based Augmented Reality company, and Kerner Studios (Canada).

I am also an avid wildlife photographer and I really enjoy writing — fiction, non-fiction and articles on a variety of topics. My first fiction book, Intombi, is a dogs-eye-view story about life in the African bush and is available on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by. Free free to peruse some of my articles or review my event’s schedule.  Also, please do connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Eric Edmeades