Eric Edmeades, CEO of Kerner Studios (Canada) and owner of the Kerner Group of companies in the USA is touring Norway in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week and will be speaking to entrepreneurs about business success and the role of small business in social programs and in the recovery of the global economy.

OSLO, NORWAY – 20 September 2013 – Global Entrepreneurship Week is recognized by 138 countries and takes place from 18-24 November 2013. Global Entrepreneurship Week seeks to inspire business owners and would-be entrepreneurs to realize their business potential through a series of events and activities all over the world.

In 2012 Kerner CEO Eric Edmeades toured the United Kingdom in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week speaking at events alongside President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey and TV celebrity Bear Grylls. This year, Edmeades continues the tradition with a series of entrepreneur-focused events in Norway.

Edmeades will speak at a number events around Norway, including Gründermesse, a multi-day entrepreneurship conference and exhibition in Oslo where he will headline with two keynote presentations.

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Modeling Marketing Strategies — but not the usual way.

BullsEye-MarketingMost new business owners already model marketing strategies; but not very effectively. They tend to model the activities of their competitors; using similar advertisements, websites etc. While this ‘shortcut’ is probably useful to some degree, some of the very best marketing strategies I have ever employed have come from modeling OTHER INDUSTRIES.


Years ago I owned an IT company in England and I had a number of competitors. We all tended to advertise in the same places and use the same basic telemarketing strategies.

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Kerner Optical, LLC — The End of an Era

Kerner Optical

Two years ago I invested in, and took over the management of, a struggling special effects company in Northern California. Sadly, I have decided to close the studio.

I will blog more about  Kerner Optical; I have learned a great deal, met the most fascinating people and had a great deal of fun.

The company, originally the ‘model shop’ that was Industrial Light and Magic, employed some of the most talented and dedicated people on the planet. There are some great stories to tell – and the overall experience has been a bit like living a Grisham novel – intrigue, suspense, deception, celebrity and huge sums of money.

I announced the closure in this letter on the company’s website:

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