The link between the ‘feeling of success’ and the ‘attainment of our wants’

The story below is contained in “CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL, A Second Helping”. The author is unknown:

Three cowboys had been on the range since early in the morning. One of them was a member of the Navajo Nation. Being busy with herding stray cattle all day, there had been no time for the three of them to eat. Toward the end of the day, two of the cowboys started talking about how hungry there were and about the huge meals they were going to eat when they reached town. When one of the cowboys asked the Navajo if he was also hungry, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “No”

Later that evening, after they had arrived in town, all three ordered large steak dinners. As the Navajo proceeded to eat everything in sight with great gusto, one of his friends reminded him that less than an hour earlier he had told them that he was not hungry. “Not wise to be hungry then,” he replied, “No Food.”

While this story may over simplify the issue of desire and need, it teaches us an important message. Years ago someone told me that to feel truly successful we need to do one of two things:
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HeartMath – When you measure something, it tends to improve.

As you may remember from my April 27, 2009 article, “You Never Know”, I told you about how Elise and I met Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman, two of the founders and developers of HeartMath.

When Elise first mentioned HeartMath’s emWave Personal Stress Reliever®, I had no idea what she was talking about, and I assumed it was some new age gimmick or another. But when I met Howard and Deborah, that all changed – I was impressed and moved. Read More


Running with Wayne Dyer

I have been listening to Wayne Dyer since my early 20’s when my good friend Trish introduced him to me by handing me a tape (yes, a while back now) with a recording of him speaking in Vancouver.

On that tape he talked about his love of running and joked that when he visited rainy Vancouver he would simply run in the hallways. I smirked at the site of him all kitted up in his running gear running past the maids in the halls.

Some years later I met Wayne in Dublin, Ireland and it was not too long after that he quite seriously helped turn my life around.

My business, based in England, was suffering. This meant, at that time in my life, that I was also suffering.

What Wayne reminded me of one morning, as I contemplated the stressful day I was about to have, was that I was not my business. In other words, Read More


The Rules of the Game

In my last article I wrote about happiness and the way people construct their rules for achieving or avoiding happiness.

Its not what happens its what you do that makes the difference. – W Mitchel

Today I have been thinking more about this and have another powerful suggestion relating to managing your state of mind.

Lets build upon my last article where we discussed how to change our rules to make happiness easier to achieve and other, negative, emotions more difficult to experience.

When constructing your rules for happiness, or any emotion, it seems that everything that can influence your level of happiness can be divided into two groups:
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Happiness OR Happiness

smileyIf you know me, or have ever attended or listened to one of my programs, you will know that I am a big fan of happiness. In fact, I believe that happiness really is the best measurement of personal success.

While there are many reasons to be happy, it is really our rules that control our experience of happiness, joy or bliss. It’s true — you can experience significant increases in happiness by changing your rules.

Have you ever considered what your rules for happiness are?

What has to happen for you to be happy?
What has to happen (or fail to happen) for you to be unhappy?

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