Confessions of a Phobic Speaker

When I was in high-school I got my first opportunity to speak in front of a group: debating class. I hated it. I did well and our team did well, but it was like physical torture for me.


After school I accepted a job in sales — direct sales — and worked my way up through the ranks to a management role in recruiting. Unfortunately, this meant doing Read More


Modeling Marketing Strategies — but not the usual way.

BullsEye-MarketingMost new business owners already model marketing strategies; but not very effectively. They tend to model the activities of their competitors; using similar advertisements, websites etc. While this ‘shortcut’ is probably useful to some degree, some of the very best marketing strategies I have ever employed have come from modeling OTHER INDUSTRIES.


Years ago I owned an IT company in England and I had a number of competitors. We all tended to advertise in the same places and use the same basic telemarketing strategies.

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Why spell it dyslexia?

I was interviewed yesterday for a book — a book on entrepreneurship. While there is nothing unusual about that, this book was different: it is a book about dyslexic entrepreneurs that Nicola James is writing.

I am not sure at what age I realised that I had mild dyslexia but I do remember spending most of my childhood feeling separate from the other kids and embarrassed about my compleet inabillity two spel [sic].

During the interview I had a realisation about the connection between dyslexics and entrepreneurship. You see, a fair number of highly successful entrepreneurs — including Richard Branson and Bill Gates, Nicola tells me — are dyslexic. I suspect that the reasons for this are: Read More