The Rules of the Game

In my last article I wrote about happiness and the way people construct their rules for achieving or avoiding happiness.

Its not what happens its what you do that makes the difference. – W Mitchel

Today I have been thinking more about this and have another powerful suggestion relating to managing your state of mind.

Lets build upon my last article where we discussed how to change our rules to make happiness easier to achieve and other, negative, emotions more difficult to experience.

When constructing your rules for happiness, or any emotion, it seems that everything that can influence your level of happiness can be divided into two groups:
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Happiness OR Happiness

smileyIf you know me, or have ever attended or listened to one of my programs, you will know that I am a big fan of happiness. In fact, I believe that happiness really is the best measurement of personal success.

While there are many reasons to be happy, it is really our rules that control our experience of happiness, joy or bliss. It’s true — you can experience significant increases in happiness by changing your rules.

Have you ever considered what your rules for happiness are?

What has to happen for you to be happy?
What has to happen (or fail to happen) for you to be unhappy?

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